I’ve practised yoga on and off for several years in many different countries around the world. Rebecca is hands down the best yoga teacher I’ve come across. She challenges you, pushes you, makes you feel confident and does it all with a smile and flare of her own. Can’t wait until I return to Palma to head back to her classes!
— Samantha Blair
Rebecca’s sunset yoga sessions are such a treat for my week. She has an energy that instantly creates trust within her students, every week I witness her empowering another person into their first handstand! Her style is testing and pushing yet set within a nurturing and safe atmosphere. I particularly enjoy her grounding speeches at the beginning of class, they are magically insightful and intuitive and always seem to relate to something going on in my life. She has an incredible ability to remind me to let go, focus in on the present moment and enjoy the yoga.

— Kate Munro Boot