I have many years of experience of practicing and coaching natural and efficient running, working with recreational runners to ultra trail runners. Analysing the root cause of each individual's movement patterns to help them find more efficient and fluid form, to avoid injury and improve performance.

I coach from the perspective that we have evolved to run and move through any environment with ease. We have the physiology of an endurance runner, plus a wide range of other natural movements. But sadly we have forgotten how to move well, let alone run well. I can help you discover your most efficient running body, so your running becomes joyful and effortless.

The running analysis is initially carried out using a treadmill to film and assess your current running technique and movement patterns. Posture and rhythm will be examined; where and how you land in relation to your centre of mass and other key aspects of natural and fluid running form.
Then away from the treadmill, in a natural environment, you will be coached on how to find new, more efficient gait patterns, for smooth and efficient running. You will also learn how to strengthen and balance your feet and find movement patterns that allow you to walk and run with ease, and minimal impact to your body.

90 mins at 90€



If you would simply like like to run, I can guide you on many beautiful and interesting trails through the Tramuntana Mountains, for any level of runner, going at a pace that suits you.

Offering anything from 2hr runs to extended 3 day runs.
If you don’t have transport and would like to be picked up, we can collect you from the nearest train station. For the longer events please enquire for group size, availability and price. Transport, food and accommodation can be organised.

Barefoot Mallorca is situated at 352m altitude within the Tramuntana, on an extensive network of trails, running between Bunyola, Orient and Alaro, so there is a lot to choose from right on our doorstep.

tailored to your request.