Do you have a sports injury?
Have you been told running is bad for you?
Do you have restriction and pain in your everyday?
Do you want to run again but are scared you’ll hurt yourself?

If you agree to any of the above, have tried other options but nothing works, then this is for you. For the everyday person, the curious runner, the serious athlete. Efficient, pain free movement is for everyone.

The process is a biomechanical and reflexive analysis of what movements and space your body is not accessing for fluid and efficient locomotion, whether that be walking or running.

The session will be a combination of testing and assessing reflexive health and joint mechanics. Seeing how you move now, and finding the ‘root cause’ of what’s missing in your movement potential, understanding why you incur running injuries, or have restriction and pain in your everyday.

We will generate the most effective movement drills to create biomechanical and neurological change.

Through these quick and simple drills we can retrain the body brain connection to move into new movement patterns and optimise your range and movement potential.

The work is grounded in Gary Ward’s ‘Anatomy in Motion’, a study of human movement through the lens of gait. Gathering information about what a body is and isn't able to access when in motion.

It is an understanding that we cannot treat injuries and pain in isolation and that the whole body and nervous system needs to be taken into account.

It’s a process of unravelling movement patterns that have been built over a lifetime, and looking at the body as an integrated, whole system, rather than treating the area that hurts.

It’s not an “I fix you, you fix me” approach, but a re-education of the brain body connection. Very specific to you and how and why your movement patterns have formed.

Using very simple, but effective, movements as stimuli, neural pathways are reawakened and the body starts to access space it was not occupying, finding alignment and creating an environment in which the body can begin to heal and discover optimal movement again.

The initial session will be to assess everything. You will have already given me a complete history of your body’s injuries and incidents, big and small. This will give me a clearer picture of how your movement patterns, restrictions or recurring injuries have been created.

The session will take around 2-3 hours. After I have assessed how your body moves, we will go through a few simple drills which create new stimuli for effective neurological and biomechanical change.

All drills will be filmed and sent to you, with a written follow up to your session. It is a simple process, and each drill should take just a few minutes. Little and often works better and faster when the brain and body work together to create change.


Before you embark on working with me, you will need to be prepared to invest ‘yourself’ in the process. A commitment to doing the daily drills will reward you with results. They should take no more than 10 mins a day, but as this is a NOT a conventional quick fix, short term method, you will need to bring the right mindset and a commitment to the process. It can happen very quickly, but sometimes it takes time. Either way, this is an investment for long term, lasting change.

Understand that you’re undoing a lifetime’s worth of movement patterns that no longer work for you. So consistency and patience will be your investment, and with the right input, and time, your body will heal.

To help you stay motivated and achieve your goals, I will always be available for questions and encouragement.


The process can take between one and four sessions.

The initial session, being longer at 2-3hrs, costs 150€.

The follow up sessions, are 60 mins, at 60€.

If you are keen to get running, then we can integrate running coaching into your follow up sessions, but they will be longer, 90 mins at 90€.




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