Wednesday, 12 December 2018 from 10:00-14:00

Embodied Yoga Principles Christmas (Survival) Special.

Christmas can be a really beautiful and joyous time of year for family and friends to come together, to step away from the rush of life, slow down, and enjoy each others company.
But it can also be a challenging time, coming back into family dynamic, triggering old, unhelpful, but deeply-rooted patterns of behaviour, bringing out the best and sometimes the worst in us...

EYP (Embodied Yoga Principles) is a deep, but liberating, enquiry practice to reveal more of who you are; you will learn tools that will help you self-regulate in those moments when needed the most.
Using this method we build life skills through working with the body, gaining more range, resilience and choice, allowing us to shift state in the moment and embody a more useful way of being.

The structure of the workshop:
It will be 4 hours, including gathering and ending integration, incorporating a simple and accessible warm up vinyasa flow, followed by time working with different EYP postures, (focusing on most useful ones for the holiday period) each followed by discussion with partners and in groups. With space to explore how these principles can be taken away and integrated into your life.

While the session will be completely accessible regardless of physical ability, it can go deep, so if you are going through anything emotional right now, it may not be for you.

As I am currently training in the EYP methodology, this session will be offered on a donation basis. I will be providing water, teas, freshly brewed, Mistral Speciality Coffee and natural snacks for before and after the workshop, when we will have some time to integrate, chat and enjoy our refreshments.

The workshop is taught outside on the yoga deck with forest and mountain and views, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in nature at the Barefoot Mallorca basecamp, located in the Tramuntana mountains between Santa Maria and Bunyola.

The event is lead by Rebecca Lewis of Barefoot Mallorca who is a Natural Movement Coach, working within the disciplines of MovNat, Anatomy in Motion (natural foot and body balance) Running (natural/barefoot), Yoga, Embodiment work.

Embodied Yoga Principles is not a yoga technique nor a yoga practice, it’s a principle that you can bring into your practice and into your life.

Yoga mats are provided.
There is a maximum of 12 participants, so please reserve your space.
We will meet at 10am, the workshop will start at 10.20am. No admittance after this time as it will be disruptive to the learning, so please take good care to download the location, off-line maps is a great option in case you lose phone signal.

Car sharing is encouraged.
If anyone can offer to car share from Palma, or other areas, that would be amazing, please can you post here to connect with each other.
If not, we can collect people from Santa Maria station at 09.30am.

Co-ordinates for Barefoot Mallorca Basecamp are: 39.690 ºN, 2.729 ºE
Please message me if you need a location pin sending.
Please take care to note our location, we are 4km up a rough track into the mountains, it's a fun journey so please allow a little time to find us!
This event is not suitable for dogs or children.

I look forward to seeing you all!

Give yourself the ‘gift’ of choice for a healthier way of being, for yourself and all around you.

Rebecca Lewis