MovNat NATURAL MOVEMENT WORKSHOP 16th September 2018


Learn the skills and techniques of MovNat, a functional and natural movement system, in this one day workshop.
A collaboration between Rebecca Lewis of Barefoot Mallorca, teaching natural movement, and Devii Alderman of The Grocers Daughter, providing a delicious and nourishing feast.

Tune in to your body to gain knowledge about what might not be working and how you can make changes become more agile, better conditioned and free.

Rediscover your true human potential by learning the skills and techniques of MovNat, expanding your movement repertoire, empowering yourself and having fun in the process.

Moving from the ground up, at each individual’s level, we look at progressive movements that can benefit each person. Covering body awareness, rolling, crawling, balancing, jumping, running, and climbing.


The workshop will take place at the stunning off-grid Barefoot Mallorca basecamp, nestled between two majestic rock faces, surrounded by pines trees and ancient olive trees, deep in the Tramuntana Mountains between Bunyola and Santa Maria.  (location pin supplied on booking).


To start the day, workshop participants will receive a nourishing green smoothie on arrival.

We aim to start moving around 11.00am and sit down for lunch at 14.30.

After you've finished with movement, food is served in a shared community vibe, with vegans and gluten free catered for. Beverage included.

Children are also welcome.

The total cost of the workshop and food is 79 euros.

Rebecca Lewis of Barefoot Mallorca is a natural and functional movement trainer and guide, working within the different disciplines of MovNat, Natural Running and Yoga.

Devii Alderman, The Grocers Daughter is a Private chef and world traveller who brings people together over food.


Space is limited to 25 participants and must be booked in advance.

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