I offer one-to-one running technique coaching sessions, teaching the background evolution, biomechanics and the skills and drills to transition to the correct technique for barefoot running.

During the coaching session you will be filmed on a treadmill to analyse your running technique. Then posture and rhythm will be examined, where and how you land in relation to your centre of mass and other key aspects of correct running form. 

You will be coached on how to fix technique errors and trained in the correct gait for skillful running – the style adopted by habitual-barefoot runners. 

You will get video analysis, photos, photo exercise sheet, a nice PDF book on barefoot running technique and a personal feedback report. 

By the end of the session, you will be comfortable with the barefoot technique to go away and put into practice. You will be equipped with the knowledge and drills to be able to correct your form, strengthen and align your feet and run with minimal impact to your body, allowing you to run more efficiently and injury free.

You will also be offered a package of shorter follow-up sessions to monitor your progress with transitioning.

If you want to practice your running skills outdoors with me, I have designed
trail running routes through the mountains for various levels, which I am happy to be a run guide with a little extra coaching. There are hundreds of trails, and they are all beautiful, so it keeps it fresh and interesting.


My experience with Rebecca and her barefoot coaching has completely shifted my training into a new gear. Having been a runner for years, I’d been plagued with several small injuries and pains, which would persistently crop up as soon as I increased my intensity or distances. I thought it was just a normal part of running and I just needed to rest and recover. However after training with Barefoot Mallorca, I have been running without pain or injury and have therefore been able to run more consistently, for longer and faster. 
Rebecca explains and teaches in clear, understandable terms that are easy to follow and implement, the physical, practical and interactive way in which the training session unfolds is helpful, instructive and fun. I believe Rebecca’s background in yoga gives her an even deeper understanding of alignment and the way in which the body is supposed to move, I feel this gives her a unique advantage over other barefoot coaches and I definitely feel that my barefoot running training benefitted hugely from her broad knowledge and experience. I would recommend Rebecca and her teaching of the barefoot method unreservedly.
— Gabrielle Masefield


Certified 'Born To Run' Coach
Trained and certified with barefoot and natural movement expert Lee Saxby.

Reawaken your innate barefoot running skill,
master good running technique and experience the joy of running efficiently and injury free.