Hi, I’m Rebecca, I am passionate about researching, analyzing and coaching efficient movement and running. Understanding how bodies move, and WHY they might have restriction or pain.

By assessing human movement through the lens of gait, using closed-chain biomechanics, and paying particular attention to the role of your feet and your reflexive health, we can learn the ‘root cause’ of your movement patterns that might be causing restriction or pain.

Working with your body we reawaken neural pathways, helping the body access and occupy space, to lose restriction and find fluidity and ease. Discovering optimal, everyday movement; efficient, intelligent running; and ultimate strength, fitness and conditioning, through fundamental human movement.

My philosophy - if we can move well, as our physiology intended, we will generally feel well.

If we can bring back the fundamental, biological movements that our body might be missing, we can find more freedom, efficiency and ease with everything we do. Regaining your autonomy, building more confidence and strength, regardless of your age, size or skill level, is empowering.

I live and work in the incredible natural setting of the UNESCO World Heritage Tramuntana Mountains, Mallorca, Spain. Immersing in nature as you learn not only feels good, but amplifies your learning.

After completing numerous trainings in different movement practices and disciplines, and years of experience coaching the methodology of natural and barefoot running, I have now come to the realisation that many people need to go back to the ‘root cause’ of WHY they might not be able to move well in everyday life.

So before we get you running, with the increased loads associated, let’s get back to the fundamental, basic, primitive movements for human locomotion, and see what might be missing in your range.

We will assess how you move, and what spaces your brain and body don’t occupy. Through no fault, simply years of moving in other ways. Movement patterns that have been created, from whatever life has thrown at you. Learning to understand your body, instead of blaming it.

Once new stimuli is introduced, and your sensory system reawakens, you will discover a more fluid, synchronised body for all types of movement.

After training with the brilliant Helen Hall, as a PFM coach (Perpetual Forward Motion School of Efficient Running) I share the philosophy… “Let your body run you…” So let’s find a body that moves as a synchronized whole, in balance, alignment and harmony. All parts communicating, without having to think, force or punish yourself to move, walk or run.


Movement Re-Education: (Continuous study with Helen Hall and Gary Ward.)

Certified PFM Coach with Helen Hall: Anatomy in Motion (see below), reflexive health, efficient running.

Anatomy In Motion (AiM) with Gary Ward: Closed chain biomechanics, human movement through the lens of gait, joint mechanics, neurokinetic therapy.

Natural Movement Fitness:

MovNat Level 2 Certified Trainer: Physical training using biologically appropriate movement.


Certified PFM School of Efficient Running Coach with Helen Hall

Certified Barefoot Running Coach with Lee Saxby.

Embodiment Training:

Embodied Yoga Principles (EYP) with Mark Walsh of ‘The Embodiment Podcast’, Embodied Facilitator, The Embodiment Conference


Certified 200hr YTT with Meghan Currie, YTT Training with Chris Chavez, Intensive Training with Tara Stiles & Mike Taylor at Strala, NYC



We moved to Mallorca to enjoy the outdoors. Having looked in to Natural Movement as an alternative to going to the gym and a desire to spend more time outside, I found Rebecca at Barefoot Mallorca. I spoke to her about old recurring injuries and my goal to grow older keeping fit and also for my body to be able to move fluidly and functionally with limited aches and pains!

I soon realised that at only 40, my body had forgotten how to move like it used to when I was younger. How did this happen?!

Rebecca has taught me drills to get my body moving as it should; with a view to eradicating persistent aches and pains. I am fully committed to spending 10 minutes twice a day going through these and my body is responding well, enjoying moving how its supposed to. She has also introduced me to natural movement practice so I can work out and play outdoors which is so much more fun than the gym. I can do it with the children and play with them too.

I have just started my journey with Rebecca and am already feeling really positive about the changes my body is making. It just makes so much sense.

Rebecca is knowledgeable and incredibly passionate about what she does and it totally rubs off. She is a fantastic coach, in the true sense, in that she cares deeply about her client’s journey. She is there at the end of the phone to answer any questions and also to motivate and keep me going.

If you are prepared to commit to making permanent changes, Rebecca will help you get there. She is kind, enthusiastic and full of empathy for wherever you are in life.
— Sarah Simidian
Thank you Rebecca, for an inspiring experience in unlearning and relearning.

Through showing me new ways of running and sharing the simple yet profound advice of “move your body in different ways’ I feel more alive, flexible and strong than ever before. And in a great step forward, thanks for introducing me to minimalist shoes. They have literally given me a greater connection to myself and the earth.
— Penelope Mavor
I’m practising every day with the wedges, and it’s incredible, I am virtually pain free in my foot. The orthopaedics are out, the shoes are loose, and wow what a difference! I’m a very happy bunny and grateful to you both!
— Kate Hands
My experience with Rebecca and her barefoot coaching has completely shifted my training into a new gear. Having been a runner for years, I’d been plagued with several small injuries and pains, which would persistently crop up as soon as I increased my intensity or distance. I thought it was just a normal part of running and I just needed to rest and recover. However after training with Barefoot Mallorca, I have been running without pain or injury and have therefore been able to run more consistently, for longer and faster.

Rebecca explains and teaches in clear, understandable terms that are easy to follow and implement. The physical, practical and interactive way in which the training session unfolds is helpful, instructive and fun. I believe Rebecca’s background in yoga gives her an even deeper understanding of alignment and the way in which the body is supposed to move, I feel this gives her a unique advantage over other barefoot coaches and I definitely feel that my barefoot running training benefitted hugely from her broad knowledge and experience. I would recommend Rebecca and her teaching of the barefoot method unreservedly.
— Gabrielle Masefield
I heard of Rebecca’s bare foot running course just at a time when I was starting to run on a regular basis. I was having some troubles with lower leg pain and had also heard lots of stories of people damaging their knees from repeated road running, not something I liked the sound of. I decided to learn about barefoot running to see if it could help me.

Rebecca has an excellent understanding of the mechanics of human running and was quickly able to explain the advantages of the natural running technique. As with most things in life it is often the natural form that is best, but this is so often pushed aside by other technological claims that are often less advantageous, and frequently driven by fashion or marketing, such as a tradition.
— Oliver Buzza
I have been a regular runner since school, and I used to run competitively, so I always thought that my running style wasn’t that bad, but I was curious to see if going barefoot could make such a difference.

In my first session, Rebecca used a ‘before & after’ video comparison that completely changed how I think about my running position. The difference is dramatic, and I know I won’t be going back to my old ways!

Rebecca has a relaxed, yet professional approach, and she draws on her experience as a yoga teacher to make you aware of your posture, and shows how you can improve whatever your level. I recommend her highly.
— Andrew Coleborne
I’ve practised yoga on and off for several years in many different countries around the world. Rebecca is hands down the best yoga teacher I’ve come across. She challenges you, pushes you, makes you feel confident and does it all with a smile and flare of her own. Can’t wait until I return to Palma to head back to her classes!”
— Samantha Blair
Rebecca’s sunset yoga sessions are such a treat for my week. She has an energy that instantly creates trust within her students, every week I witness her empowering another person into their first handstand! Her style is testing and pushing yet set within a nurturing and safe atmosphere. I particularly enjoy her grounding speeches at the beginning of class, they are magically insightful and intuitive and always seem to relate to something going on in my life. She has an incredible ability to remind me to let go, focus in on the present moment and enjoy the yoga.
— Kate Munro Boot



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