Working with recreational runners to ultra trail runners. Helping them run with proper form, avoid injury and improve performance.

I offer one-to-one running technique coaching sessions, teaching the background evolution, biomechanics and the skills and drills to transition to the correct technique for barefoot running.

During the coaching session you will be filmed on a treadmill to analyse your running technique. Then posture and rhythm will be examined, where and how you land in relation to your centre of mass and other key aspects of correct running form. 

You will be coached on how to fix technique errors and trained in the correct gait for skillful running – the style adopted by habitual-barefoot runners. 

You will get video analysis, photos, photo exercise sheet, a nice PDF book on barefoot running technique and a personal feedback report. 

hundreds of fresh and interesting trails through the Tramontana mountains for various levels

By the end of the session, you will be comfortable with the barefoot technique to go away and put into practice. You will be equipped with the knowledge and drills to be able to correct your form, strengthen and align your feet and run with minimal impact to your body, allowing you to run more efficiently and injury free.

You will also be offered a package of shorter follow-up sessions to monitor your progress with transitioning.



Founded and developed by Erwan Le Corre, MovNat is a functional and natural movement method that teaches us, or reminds us, of the fundamental human movements we would still be using if we lived in a more natural environment. But sadly we have reduced our movement range to adapt for a domesticated, modern existence, and all the health problems associated with it.

MovNat expands our movement repertoire, brings movement range and freedom back to the body. It’s a fun practice that anyone can do.

Moving from the ground up, at a slow and easy pace to suit each individual’s needs, we progressively build to more complex movements, that our bodies start to recognise as it’s within our biology. A reason why it feels so good.

The movements are relatable, useful for moving well in daily life, and easily integrated into quick ‘movement snack’ habits.

They are practical movements; not just strength, cardio and stretching, and not just to confined to a class or gym. Conditioning and fitness are a natural side benefit; functional muscle and cognitive development are acquired through this nutritious movement practice, making us more capable and adaptable in any environment. Going beyond the limits of adaption for the domestic world.




I have a dedicated yoga practice, and love to teach and practice outdoors.
The style of yoga I teach is a fun, dynamic, vinyasa flow, with attention to alignment, balance and strength, practiced in a safe and supportive environment, which allows the student to thrive. I also offer more gentle classes with a focus on calming the body and mind. However I can tailor my classes to suit any client’s needs.

I offer tuition to private clients in villas, hotels and on Superyachts. My experience in yachting has given me an excellent understanding about on-board etiquette, and a lot of experience working with VIP clients.



With a natural lifestyle comes a balanced and natural way of eating. Nutrition is part of my teachings for those who join me in one of the 3 or 4 day all-in packages.

I will introduce a way of balanced and natural eating in alignment with our biology. Focussing on simple but interesting things, such as how to prepare coffee in it’s best way :)

We will provide all the food, organic, local and wild foraged, and with some skilled guidance you will be learning how to create it into something delicious. This will be a fun and liberating experience for those who might fear the kitchen!