We are located right in the heart of the incredible Tramuntana Mountains. A stunning setting between two majestic rock faces, nestled amongst tall pines and ancient olive trees. So peaceful, all you hear is the wind in the trees and abundant bird life all around. It is a true natural outdoor playground where you can immerse, reconnect and play.

You can find BM Basecamp via this address, co-ordinates, or I can send you a location pin via Whatsapp. 

Polígono 4, Parcela 63
C’an Figuerola
Bunyola 07110
Mallorca, Illes Baleares


39.690 ºN, 2.729 ºE

WhatsApp & Phone

+34 693 85 58 64




For any questions, please feel free to email me directly, send a Whatsapp, or use the form below.

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