"Helping you move and connect to the body you live in."

Natural running coach and yoga instructor,
living and working in Mallorca, Spain.




Trained and certified with natural movement expert, Lee Saxby, under his gold standard coaching system 'Born To Run'.

Working with recreational runners to ultra trail runners. Helping them run with proper form, avoid injury and improve performance.

Mastering the skill of this increasingly popular way of running, will correct and prevent the common aches and pains that most runners experience by helping strengthen structural problems in the feet, rehabilitate, realign and balance the body, allowing you to experience the joy of running efficiently and injury-free.


Teaching a fun, dynamic style of vinyasa, with attention to alignment, balance and strength, practiced in a safe and supportive environment, which allows the student to thrive.


about Rebecca

Rebecca is working in Mallorca as a running technique coach and yoga instructor, with a passion for healthy living and the outdoors....

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Reawaken your innate barefoot running skill, master good running technique
and experience the joy of running efficiently and injury free.

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