I am Rebecca, a natural movement trainer and guide, working within the different disciplines of MovNat, Natural Running and Yoga. Living and working in the incredible setting of the Tramuntana Mountains in Mallorca, Spain.

To me, natural movement makes sense...  if can we move well, as nature intended, we generally feel well. Finding more freedom, efficiency and ease with everything we do. Moving this way feels good because it’s in our biology, it’s moving like we did when we were children, and it’s how we evolved to move.

I am passionate about teaching the fundamental principles and foundational movement skills for strength and mobility, to bring balance back to the body, and discover our optimal movement potential, connect with our natural surroundings....and have fun in the process. 

After practising and teaching the different disciplines of natural (aka barefoot) running and yoga for many years, I have come to realise, that an over specialisation in any one movement practice, whatever that practice might be, doesn’t necessarily give us an all-round healthy and balanced body. This is where I found functional and natural movement connects the dots, to bring back the fundamental, biological movements that our body might be missing. Helping us find more freedom and ease, and empowering us to feel more confident and strong in our body, regardless of our age, size or skill level. The movement sessions, whether MovNat, Running or Yoga, are playful but also mindful, bringing more awareness and connectivity to this amazing body we live in.


  • MovNat: Level 2 certified trainer

  • Movement Therapy: Anatomy In Motion training with Gary Ward

  • Running: Trained and certified by natural movement expert Lee Saxby, under his gold standard coaching system 'Born To Run'. Biomechanics and bioenergetics coach

  • Embodied Yoga Principles: EYP training with Mark Walsh of ‘The Embodiment Podcast’ and Embodied Facilitator Course

  • Yoga: Certified 200hr YTT with Meghan Currie, YTT Training with Chris Chavez, Intensive Training with Tara Stiles & Mike Taylor at Strala, NYC

  • Ashtanga, Iyengar and Sivenanda intensive trainings in India

  • Workshops with Nico Luce, Chris Chavez, Dylan Werner

  • Teaching classes at Earth Yoga, Palma