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"helping you move and connect to the body you live in"


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I am Rebecca, a natural movement trainer and guide, working within the different disciplines of MovNat, Natural Running and Yoga. Living and working in the incredible setting of the Tramuntana Mountains in Mallorca, Spain.

To me, natural movement makes sense...  if we can move well, as nature intended, we generally feel well. Finding more freedom, efficiency and ease with everything we do. Moving this way feels good because it’s in our biology, it’s moving like we did when we were children, and it’s how we evolved to move.

I am passionate about teaching the fundamental principles and foundational movement skills for strength and mobility, to bring balance back to the body, and discover our optimal movement potential, connect with our natural surroundings....and have fun in the process. 

After practising and teaching the different disciplines of natural (aka barefoot) running and yoga for many years, I have come to realise, that an over specialisation in any one movement practice, whatever that practice might be, doesn’t necessarily give us an all-round healthy and balanced body. This is where I found natural movement connects the dots, to bring back the fundamental, biological movements that our body might be missing. Helping us find more freedom and ease, and empowering us to feel more confident and strong in our body, regardless of our age, size or skill level. The movement sessions, whether MovNat, Running or Yoga, are playful but also mindful, bringing more awareness and connectivity to this amazing body we live in.


  • Natural Movement Fitness: MovNat Level 2 certified trainer

  • Movement Re-Education: Anatomy In Motion (AiM) training with Gary Ward

  • Natural Running: Trained and certified by natural running expert Lee Saxby, under his gold standard coaching system 'Born To Run', Biomechanics and Bioenergetics

  • Embodiment Training: Embodied Yoga Principles (EYP) with Mark Walsh of ‘The Embodiment Podcast’, Embodied Facilitator, The Embodiment Conference

  • Yoga: Certified 200hr YTT with Meghan Currie, YTT Training with Chris Chavez, Intensive Training with Tara Stiles & Mike Taylor at Strala, NYC

  • Ashtanga, Iyengar and Sivenanda intensive trainings in India

  • Workshops with Nico Luce, Chris Chavez, Dylan Werner


Official MovNat Event
with L3 Team Instructor

May 11 - 12th

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Working with recreational runners to ultra trail runners. Helping them run with natural, efficient and fluid form, to avoid injury and improve performance.

I coach from the perspective that we have evolved to run and move through any environment with ease. We have the physiology of an endurance runner, plus a wide range of other natural movements. But sadly we have forgotten how to move well, let alone run well.

The running coaching is initially carried out using a treadmill to analyse your current running technique and movement patterns. Posture and rhythm will be examined; where and how you land in relation to your centre of mass and other key aspects of natural and fluid running form.

Then you will be coached on how to find new, more efficient gait patterns, for smooth and efficient running – the style adopted by habitual-barefoot runners. You will also learn how to strengthen and balance your feet, discover movement patterns that allow you to walk and run with ease, all with minimal impact to your body.



If you would like to practice your running skills outdoors, I can guide you on many beautiful and interesting trails through the Tramuntana Mountains, for any level of runner, going at a pace that suits you, with coaching tips along the way. 

Barefoot Mallorca Basecamp is situated at 352m altitude within the Tramuntana, on an extensive network of trails, running between, Bunyola, Orient and Alaro, so there’s much to choose from right from our doorstep.




Founded and developed by Erwan Le Corre, MovNat is a functional and natural movement method that teaches us, or reminds us, of the fundamental human movements we would still be using if we lived in a more natural environment. But sadly we have reduced our movement range to adapt for a domesticated, modern existence, and all the health problems associated with it.

MovNat expands our movement repertoire, brings movement range and freedom back to the body. It’s a fun practice that anyone can do.

Moving from the ground up, at a slow and easy pace to suit each individual’s needs, we progressively build to more complex movements, that our bodies start to recognise as it’s within our biology. A reason why it feels so good.

The movements are relatable, useful for moving well in daily life, and easily integrated into quick ‘movement snack’ habits.

They are practical movements; not just strength, cardio and stretching, and not just to confined to a class or gym. Conditioning and fitness are a natural side benefit; functional muscle and cognitive development are acquired through this nutritious movement practice, making us more capable and adaptable in any environment. Going beyond the limits of adaption for the domestic world.






Having been a dedicated yoga practitioner and guide for many years, I now combine the philosophy of yoga with natural, biological human movement.

It’s a fun, dynamic style of movement, similar to a yoga vinyasa flow, but infused with natural movement elements.

This way of moving is not just limited to a mat or class room... it’s movements that are relatable to human gait patterns and other biologically appropriate movements, giving us more strength, mobility and ease of movement in everyday life.

As an embodied practice, it brings more awareness to this amazing body we live in, tuning in to our sensory feedback system, of what our body is showing us, allowing us to see how we are and giving us opportunity to create healthy change.

Mindful attention is encouraged towards breath, balance and moving with ease. Strength and mobility come as a natural by-product.

It is always practised in a safe and supportive environment which allows the student to thrive.



With a natural lifestyle comes a natural way of eating. Nutrition is part of my teachings for those who are curious.

For our events and workshops we like to work with the concept of whole food, clean eating, in alignment with our biology. Practising our core values of local, sustainable, ethical and wild.

We hope to inspire a love of natural and simple eating..., moving..., and ultimately thriving..., with a respect for the rest of life.



Can be offered on a one-to-one or group basis.

I can come to you anywhere on the island, or you can train with me at our stunning outdoor movement space, nestled amongst majestic pine trees and ancient olive terraces of the Tramuntana Mountains.

Classes, Workshops and Events are held regularly. Please go to the Events page for the schedule.

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